Things Fall Apart (Vinyl)

Things Fall Apart (Vinyl)

The Roots

Izdavač: Dallas

Žanr: Hip-hop i rep, Gramofonske ploče

Cena :4.416,00 din

A1 Act Won (Things Fall Apart)
A2 Table Of Content (Parts 1 & 2)
A3 The Next Movement
A4 Step Into The Relm
A5 The Spark

B1 Dynamite!
B2 Without A Doubt
B3 Ain't Saying Nothin' New
B4 Double Trouble

C1 Act Too (The Love Of My Life)
C2 100% Dundee
C3 Diedre Vs. Dice
C4 Adrenaline!
C5 3rd Acts: ? Vs. Scratch 2...Electric Boogaloo

D1 You Got Me
D2 Don't See Us
D3 The Return To Innocence Lost
D4 Act Fore... The End?





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