Audrey Carlan

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Žanr: Romance, Erotic

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I was a dead woman. I'd finally had a glimpse of true love, admiration, and the kind of devotion only your soulmate, your other half, could provide until it was physically ripped away. Taken. My stalker had me, and there was little hope I'd be found. I knew Chase would use all his money and resources to search the ends of the Earth for me, but I knew the monster I was dealing with. Years of looking into the eyes of pure evil gave me the unique experience to know that my situation was dire. If Chase didn t find me soon, I'd be gone forever.

In the third and final novel in the erotic suspense, Trinity Trilogy, Soul connects with the reader by providing the story through the eyes of Gillian, Chase, and the man that wants to own her soul but can't for she's already given it to another. Everyone is on the hunt to save Gillian from the arms of a killer.

This book can be considered dark, erotic, and thrilling. As in Body (Trinity Trilogy Book 1) the issue of domestic violence plays heavily in the storyline, and Gillian experiences many disturbing flashbacks of the past alongside tragedy the stalker brings to the present. There is also a lot of love, devotion, and friendship. As with all my books, the characters will ultimately have their happily ever after.

Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language, graphic sexual content, and themes that some may find disturbing. Soul is book 3 of a three-part trilogy. Body (Trinity Trilogy - Book 1) and Mind (Trinity Trilogy - Book 2) must be read prior to reading Soul



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13.3 x 2 x 20.3 cm

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