Kennedy, Emma

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A lifetime of secrets. A summer of new beginnings.

"So tender and thoughtful. I loved it" Marian Keyes

"A gorgeous, rich treat" Jane Fallon

"Warm, intriguing, brimming with tenderness... A joyous book" Ruth Jones

Only the truth will set her free . . .

After her wedding in cancelled hours before she is due to walk down the aisle, Rachel is newly single and must move back in with her mother, Eleanor.

But their relationship is far from perfect, and their family home is filled with secrets.

It will take a devastating turn of events for Rachel to finally unravel a powerful truth. One that Eleanor has kept close to her heart for decades.

Will unlocking the past help Rachel find the key to her future?

"This book is incredibly special... I cared so deeply for all of the characters... I got lost in it and I miss the characters so much" Gaby Roslin

"Involving and emotional" Janet Ellis

"Warm and compelling" Woman

Early readers absolutely love The Things We Left Unsaid:

'A really enjoyable book.'

'Truly beautiful. I adored this book. I cried and know that when I read this again and again I'll cry each time.'

'A real and full story that was completely relatable.'

'An excellent read and I would certainly recommend it.'

'The sense of time and place was very authentic.'

'I loved the characters and both them and London felt so alive. The story unfolded at a good pace with lots of treasured moments and the story felt new.'

'The little details portraying the different time periods really make this book special. This is definitely one I'll be recommending.'

'A beautiful story of relationships and their complications.'

'Would recommend without hesitation.'

'I absolutely loved it.'

'Set in two time periods, present day and the sixties, this is a compelling tale of two women coming of age and coming to terms with themselves. I loved this book.'

'I loved this book, from start to finish it had me wanting to keep reading!'

'It is funny, sad and intriguing, a must read. I honestly was sad to get to the end.'

'A funny, touching story.'

'This novel is an absolute gem. I loved everything about it.'

'I loved the way the characters were developed in the story. They worked their way into my heart.'

'This author has insight and compassion and is an excellent storyteller, wise and full of empathy.'


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12.9 x 2.6 x 19.8 cm

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