Bram Stoker

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Žanr: Horror

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I love Jae Lee’s work, and I think this is going to be a dynamite partnership. Frankly, I can’t wait. -- Stephen King, on his work with Lee for the Dark Tower series

Young solicitor Jonathan Harker travels from London to Transylvania on a business trip to meet the eccentric Count Dracula. In Dracula’s remote Carpathian Mountain home he discovers that the Count is a blood drinking vampire. Trapped in the Count’s castle after Dracula leaves Transylvania for London he fears for his life.

Meanwhile Jonathan’s fiancée Mina and her friend Lucy prove to be an attractive lure for Dracula when he arrives in England - actually, we all know how the classic Dracula story goes so I think a summary is pretty much superfluous at this point. If you don't know how the Dracula story goes I'm sorry but where have you been hiding? In a cave? Under a rock?




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