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objects of reflection - a soulful journey through assemblage

OBJECTS OF REFLECTION - A Soulful Journey Through Assemblage

Annie Lockhart

Žanrovi: Architecture & Design, Arts

Izdavač: Books for less

Broj strana: 128
Povez: Paperback
Format: 21 x 1 x 27.6 cm
Use souvenirs, keepsakes and everyday objects in your own brand of storytelling.

Objects of Reflection brings you a new form of visual journaling–that of assemblage–by creating art that is extremely personal and evokes your fondest memories. Inspiration pours from every page as author Annie Lockhart takes you on a journey inside of her own heart, sharing her stories for building pieces with tiny treasures and common objects. Specific elements of each project are displayed in a legend, detailing what each object symbolizes and will have you thinking about what similar objects might represent to you. In addition to providing insight on her own art-making process, Annie will guide you through her favorite step-by-step techniques for attaching elements with simple materials like string, wire and tape; aging objects to give them a bit of charm; adding texture with modeling paste and more. Dare to color outside the lines. Discover a new way to tell your own story and start using objects as "words" today.

You'll also receive insight on valuable lessons such as:

Quieting your harsh inner critic
Seeing the beauty in objects that are broken
Looking at the things you love with new perspective
Realizing art need not be permanent to be enjoyed
8 - 2 = 1, 6, 5, 3

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